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Hepburn marine products and services have been meeting the needs of naval and commercial clients around the world for more than 30 years. Our equipment and systems have proven themselves in marine environments from the Arctic to the Persian Gulf, the South Atlantic to the North Sea.

Hepburn’s experience spans structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and control technology. Hepburn engineers use their skills to design and implement efficient, functional solutions for marine and offshore handling requirements.

Underway Replenishment at Sea

Italian supply ship "Vesuvio"  refueling two ships at sea

Hepburn Engineering is the leading supplier of Underway Replenishment at Sea Systems. The Hepburn system features and performance have made it the replenishment system of choice for more sovereign navies around the world than any other system.


The Hepburn equipment functions in the STREAM (Standard Tensioned Replenishment Alongside Method), and is operated in accordance with the widely applied N.A.T.O and USN. operating procedures (i.e. ATP16 and NWP14 ).

Experience with Hepburn alongside replenishment systems suggests that the controlling factor in heavy sea states is personnel safety and the ability to maneuver the vessels, rather than any limitation of the Hepburn system to respond. Successful operation of this system has been demonstrated in conditions up to sea state 6. The equipment can be operated in poor visibility and at night utilizing pre-programmed solids transfer and automatic highline, spanwire and outboard saddle operation.


Solids Transfer from Canadian AOR


The Dual station concept was developed by Hepburn for the compact "One-stop" replenishment ship to provide solids or liquids from the same station, permitting great flexibility of transfer operations with a simplified supply ship layout and reduced equipment weight.

Hepburn has continued to lead the industry with the introduction of a choice of open deck or enclosed equipment configurations.

To assist client navies train deck crews, Hepburn can also supply on-shore trainer installations simulating RAS/FAS operations on receiving and/or sending vessels.

Hepburn Field Service personnel have recently completed sea trials on four alongside replenishment stations and one astern fueling station on the latest Spanish supply ship "Cantabria". 

Underway Replenishment  (UNREP) Systems:

Liquids Stations - Fuel oil, JP5, water

Solids Stations - Munitions, dry stores

Dual Stations - Solids and liquids

Open Deck or Enclosed Systems

On-shore Trainers, RAS/FAS simulators

Astern Refueling - Low headroom hose reels

Receiving Stations - RAS and FAS, Sliding

Padeyes, King Posts.

Testing RAS / FAS Receiving Equipment

Deck Machinery & Offshore Equipment:

Special Purpose Deck Cranes

B.O.P. Cranes

Special Purpose Winches

Hose & Pipe Handling                                            


Marine Products & Services


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