Hepburn Engineering’s "Hepburn Hoist Manager" is a powerful, state-of-the-art window into the hoist, for monitoring and control. 

The Hoist Manager provides increased levels of automation for hoist operations, including automatic brake testing, over travel testing and hoist start-up. It also provides a simple way to control one or more hoists from a central or remote location. The system is extremely user-friendly for both operators and maintenance personnel.

The powerful software that underlies the graphical interface has allowed Hepburn to integrate substantial diagnostic, operating and maintenance support systems into the Hoist Manager.

The Hoist Manager fault diagnostics system provides comprehensive information for troubleshooting and component replacement and allows maintenance staff to retrieve information using graphical and picture-driven selections.

Hoist operation is carried out from the main operating screen. It provides information on the position of the conveyances, hoist speed, motor torque and excitation, brake pressures, alarms, control buttons for selecting operating states, and links to further hoisting system control and information from other screens.

The brake system screen incorporates a hydraulic schematic identifying all components in the system. Information such as brake pressure and condition of brakes and clutches is shown together with animation of valves, pumps, levels and filters. Pop-up functions provide brake static and dynamic brake testing, real time recording of valve operation, brake pressure and hoist speed.

The electrical system screen provides a schematic with pushbuttons for each starter and circuit breaker, as well as a graphical representation of fault indication and temperature monitoring of critical components.

The Hepburn Hoist Manager is tailored to each hoist where it is installed.  It can be retrofitted to existing hoisting systems, as well as incorporated in new hoists, and is designed to improve hoist automation, safety, maintenance and productivity.

With Hepburn Engineering’s new remote hoist access solution, Hoist Care, remote diagnostic technical support can also be provided, using a secure link over the internet, from Hepburn Engineering’s hoisting specialists, to ensure  the hoisting system's top operational effectiveness.  Hepburn Engineering’s Hoist Care has been carefully designed and configured to satisfy the critical safety issues inherent in mine hoisting, allowing Hepburn Engineering specialists access to the Hoist controllers (PLC), Hoist Manager, and Hoist Reporter, without exposing the hoist controllers, Hoist Manager, or any of the core hoist control elements to the internet.

Continuing in the tradition of innovation, Hepburn Engineering also recently introduced the Hepburn Hoist Reporter, a next-generation Mine Hoist Production reporting system that complements the Hepburn Hoist Manager. Hepburn Hoist Reporter provides mine management with real-time hoist status and production reports, at their desk, or remotely, using standard web technology.


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