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Hepburn Replenishment at Sea Solutions

Hepburn Engineering has been providing single purpose solids, liquids and dual solids/liquids RAS systems to navies worldwide for over 50 years. Our underway replenishment systems are designed to operate in accordance with Standard Tensioned Replenishment Alongside Method and are renowned for their safety, performance, reliability, durability and ease of use. With proven performance in all weather conditions and up to sea state 6, Hepburn’s systems are the system of choice for sovereign navies worldwide. Hepburn also provides astern fueling solutions as well as receiving ship equipment including fixed and sliding padeyes, probe receiver stations, kingposts, and over the bow fueling equipment.

Hepburn Replenishment at Sea Solutions

The Hepburn advanced system features and world class performance have made Hepburn Engineering’s RAS and FAS solutions the systems of choice for navies worldwide.  

Hepburn’s systems have proven operational capabilities up to sea state six and remain fully operational under the most extreme environmental conditions.   This exceptional level of performance is accomplished through Hepburn’s unique system design incorporating advanced features such as low inertia hydraulic drives, tension transducers, anti slack and spooling devices on all winches and the use of ram tensioners for optimal spanwire and highline tension control.  

Hepburn systems can be provided in single purpose solids, single purpose liquids or dual solids/liquids configurations permitting greater flexibility of transfer operations with a simplified supply ship layout and reduced overall system weight.   Hepburn is also a leader in closed deck configurations that extend system life and simplify maintenance due to it’s controlled operational environment.   

Hepburn has the most advanced digital control systems on the market today with standard features such as auto tension control, auto solids transfer and advanced diagnostic capabilities. Hepburn’s equipment can be operated in poor visibility and at night utilizing the pre-programmed solids transfer and automatic highline, span wire and outboard saddle winch operational modes. 

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